Getting ready to set up a weekend trip to Target Field. Any suggestions on what month to visit. Or any other Target Field suggestions.

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Summer months are the best just because they are not cold. Be sure to spend time walking outside the stadium visiting the history of baseball in Minnesota. Downtown is just a few blocks from the stadium and worth visiting for pre or post game food or drink. Check the Chaser Guide for Target Field for other options.

Hi Rox, welcome. Don't know where you're planning on staying, but one option, is staying in Bloomington, right across the street from the Mall of America, otherwise known as the MegaMall. You can catch the train at the mall, and it drops you off right at Target Field. As far as going to a game, I think May or June is probably the best time, followed by Sept. Nothing like a day game in September in Minnesota. Good luck, let me know if I can answer any questions for you. One other thing, don't know if you're driving or flying, but the light rail route starts at MOA, goes past both airport terminals, and on down to Target Field. Might be TMI but it really is handy.

Jim, Thanks so much for the great info. I am planning on a June date. haven't looked for hotels yet, so this is quite helpful. I will be flying for sure and will probably stay the weekend so will probably rent a car. I'll be in touch with questions for sure. Thanks again.

I visited Target Field in April 2012. For the Friday night game I got tickets on the club level, which is mostly enclosed except for the seats. There’s also a great deal of twins artifacts on display in the club area. For Saturday’s game I had a seat in the lower deck. The sun was out, so the conditions were wonderful. Target field has much to see in the plaza that surrounds the stadium, like year-by-year rosters/ records and banners of key players. There’s also access to concessions and facilities outside the park in the plaza. The plaza is quite safe, and deserves an hour or so of time if you’re interested in the history of the franchise. Target Field is a great venue, and is in my top six ML ballparks.

One other thing to note: this is the last year for the St. Paul Saints’ Midway Stadium, which in my opinion is the birthplace of modern minor league baseball. I’m planning a trip this year that will include a Twins game in the afternoon followed by a Saints night game.

Thanks Will, this is all great info. I will definitely check into the Saints schedule and see if I can swing both. Appreciate the tips!



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