It is a bittersweet trip that I wil take beginning on Friday to southern California. My husband of 40 years and I retired 5 years ago and as of last Sept we had visited 27 parks. The last 3 are Angels, Padres and Dodgers. Since the Red Sox are playing at Angels and Dodgers next week we decided to make our trip in the summer instead of our usual Septermber. Unfortunately my husband died suddenly almost 3 weeks ago. I first thought I could not make the trip but the more I thought about it the more I felt I had to go in his memory. I know he will be with me. I have relatives in southern CA and many of our friends and relatives are offering me tremendous support. It is with a heavy heart I am making this journey but it is made with love.


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Thanks so much. Everyone says I'm doing the right thing. He had actually been to 2 of them but not with me. I'm sure hoping for a Sox victory against the Angels tonight but I guess it doesn't matter. Congratulations on your 30. I always teased my husband that I would have 31 when done since I had been to Montreal, but it didn't count because it was not with him.

Brenda, I am really sorry for your loss.  That is very sad to hear.  I'm glad you are taking the trip still.  As others have said, I think that's a great tribute to your husband to finish the journey.

I appreciate your response. It is hard but I feel he is with me. It didn't help the Sox get a win tonight but oh, well.

This made me well up at work. I am so sorry for your loss. My wife and I have only been married since 2014 and we just booked tickets to get to Chicago for a White Sox game. As everyone has said, you are definitely making the right choice by finishing them off. Maybe now you can start on minor league parks!

Here's a thought Brenda , make a collage of all the pictures and maybe things from each stadium visited  and frame them would be a nice memoir . I personally collect the ticket stubs and little trinkets of all the stadiums my son and I visited. All that we collected and will be put in a frame. I'm sure you and husband had some great times together. When your in a Stadium kiss your hand , look up and point up like we see some of the ball players do.  Brenda God bless you.  Be Well.     

Thanks for your response. I had already started a photo album for all the parks and just waiting to visit the last 3 to finish it. That was going to be his Christmas present this year. We always do something in the area of the park so I have some great pictures of us in front of the stadium, inside and doing a tourist thing in the area. It will be hard to finish the photo book but my kids have encouraged me to do it. I did bring my 8 mo old grandson to his first major league game on Labor Day in DC. The Nats beat the Braves and had 2 home runs so he saw a good one. Thanks again and enjoy the parks with your son.

Sorry for your loss. I think your husband would have been so happy and excited that you finished it in his memory. 



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