I just received an email from Travelzoo that I thought other chasers might be interested in. Check it out here. http://deals.travelzoo.com/t-Holiday.Baseball.Pack

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Great deals! Thanks for sharing!
Wow, those are some pretty aggressive packages. I saw the M's one this last week. It will be interesting to see what other kind of incentives teams are running this year. I wonder how many more teams will have the All You Can Eat sections, merchandise or food vouchers, etc. this year.
All you can eat seats are one of the best baseball marketing ideas of all time! I love that it is spreading through the league!
Great info- thanks for sharing! Speaking of travel deals and ballparks... has anyone ever done any organized trips through a company- like this one: http://www.jaybuckley.com/

Seems like a reputable company, and for the lazy planner (like me!), it seems like they take care of every detail. I would be interested to hear if anyone has done anything like this with this company or a different one.
I never have used those companies....there are a lot to choose from! Check out Sports Travels and Tours here. Also, the owner of Big League Tours is a member on here (not too active though).



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