So I fly back East on Saturday night. I already have tickets on Sunday for Target Field, but I have a friend who wants me to come into Chicago on Sunday to hang out and go to the Cubs game that night (they play the Phillies and Doc Halladay is pitching, vs Gorzelanny). So my question to y'all is, knowing I have never been to Target Field, do I skip the first game in Minneapolis for a game at Wrigley or just go ahead and do 2 games at Target Field????


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Oh man...that is a tough call!
Pros: A short drive on Sunday (to Chicago instead of Minneapolis), no extra hotel as I would stay at my friends house, Wrigley Field (duh!), seeing Halladay pitch and Old Style Beer :)
Cons: Losing my prepaid hotel night in Minneapolis, losing the ticket I already bought for Twins game, a pretty tough drive on Monday (5.5 hours to Minneapolis for the game and then 5+ hours after game to Milwaukee for my flight to BWI).

Thinking of the driving alone, I am leaning towards just doing my trip as scheduled (2 games in Minneapolis) since I am the lone driver. But still officially undecided. Might not make the call until I get my car on Sunday morning and go from there. I have a feeling I will just to Minneapolis, but I dunno...
What did you end up doing Ken?



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