I am making my prediction for the ALCS: Yankees win in 6 games over Anaheim. It should be a good series, but I don't think that Scoscia's boys can handle the Yankees bats.

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Its a simple case of the Yanks superior bullpen against the Angels. Also, the Angels will have a tough time in the Bronx weather. I like the Yanks in 6 too.
The bullpen is the best that I've seen in many years for the Bombers. I don't think that weather is really a home field advantage for anyone in this day and age. They are all pros and can deal with a little cold/ rain.
Yankees win!! What a great start to the ALCS! Although weather is not going to determine the winner, I think it does give the Yankees a slight edge. Those california boys looked a little cold tonight! :)
I don't know who looked colder...Aybar or Cano the way they were ridiculously bundled up! Let's hope we see the same results tomorrow...GO YANKEES!!!



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