What a crazy weekend! between the failed car bombing, the oil spills in the gulf and a busted pipe that left Bostonians without water for days, it seem like the bad news would not end. On the positive side, i flew to New Hampshire this weekend to spend some well needed time with family and to make my first journey to Fenway Park.

Even though i grew up a Yankees fan, I have been watching Fenway Park in awe for years. I have always found the design of the park so unique and memorable. Very few parks have such defining characteristics as the Green Monster or the ivy covered walls in Wrigley, i believe that to be one of the beautiful things in baseball. It is really early in my journey to see all parks but i am sure that my one night in Fenway will be one to remember.

On our way to the park, the train was packed with Red Sox fans with their kelly green hats and their Dustin Pedrioa jerseys. The atmosphere was already electric as soon as we arrived at Fenway, the streets were packed with fans trying to get in ( being a Nats fan now, i only get this feeling on opening day). I really liked the place inside, even though it is an older stadium the facilities were really nice. We found our seats in the centerfield bleachers and had a pretty good view of the whole field.

I was there with my two brothers and my friend Milton, they had all been there before so i was the only Fenway virgin. The game was very entertaining, the Red Sox hit four home runs and got twenty hits to win the game 17-8. During the game i was quietly rooting for former Yankees Hideki Matsui and Bobby Abreu but the Angels pitching was flat out horrible on that day.

The Moment: Milton (the only Red Sox fan in the group) had never seen a home run in Fenway in the previous six times he had been there so he got enough homers to make up for that. The view of the home runs going over the monster was great from our seats.

We got lost on the train on our way back to the car but we made it home safe. Overall, it was a great weekend and i can say with a straight face that Fenway is one of the best parks i have ever been to. My next stop is Citi Field on Saturday. I think Johann Santana might be pitching so that would be great.

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Comment by Hansel Rodriguez on May 7, 2010 at 1:37pm
Hahahaha...Nats Park is great but when i went to Fenway i guess i was expecting the stadium to have an ancient feel which wasn't the case for me. I did find it a little funny that seats where pointing towards first base instead of home plate.
Comment by Scott Bell (30/42) on May 6, 2010 at 6:51pm
"...the facilities were really nice..." ???

So as a Nats fan you must REALLY miss RFK !!!

Distinctive? Yes. Passionate fans? Yes. A "baseball shrine"? Defintely. But compared to the new "Retro Modern" Ballparks it is a Pit.

...And I'm a lifelong Red Sox fan that considers Fenway my "home" park !!!

Actuallty, the bleachers are probably less reflective of that than most parts of Fenway.

Just shoe horn your way into a seat behind a pole in the grandstands and you'll see what I mean.

They should have stuck with the plan they had a few years ago to build a "New Fenway " right next door (basically a replica but without the problems attached to a 100 year old facility) but them Bostonians just LOVE to live in the past.

A case in point is your next stop. While it has some detractors, there is no denying that Citifield is a MAJOR upgrade to Shea.

That said - there's still the jets from LaGuardia!!!

Have fun on your journey and keep us updated.


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