There is one thing you can say about Yankees fans; they have a lot of passion for their team. I have been to the new and old Yankee Stadium before but I never paid as much attention to the fans as I did this past Saturday. I must have counted a least 20 fans sporting Yankee tattoos in the time it took me to get into the stadium. I have a hard time imagining that there is anything walking around with the Nationals curly W tattooed on their body, that kind of passion doesn’t exist in this city yet.

The stadium is amazing; they do a great job of celebrating their history with the pictures on the wall of all their championship teams. There are tons of team stores and food vendors but make sure to bring your whole paycheck if you want to get a hot dog and a drink, the prices are ridiculous.

I was really excited for the game, the Yankees were facing the Rangers and A.J. Burnett was on the mound. We were seated in the grandstands but we had great view of the whole field. The Yankees got off to an early 7-0 start, powered by home runs by Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez and Burnett pitched seven scoreless innings to lead the Yankees to a 7-3 win.

The Taste Test: I got a good deal at Famous Famiglia Pizzeria with slice of Brooklyn style pizza and a souvenir size drink for 11.00$.

The Moment
: with his home run in the bottom of the fourth, Alex Rodriguez past Mark McGwire for 8th all time in home runs. I was a little surprised to see all the support for Rodriguez, I guess winning cures everything.

Two down, twenty-eight to go. I am going to Nationals Park again today and next up is Fenway. I am really excited for this one because I have never been there before. They will face the same Angels team that eliminated them in the playoffs last year so it should be a really good game. Let me know any tips for Fenway if you've been there.

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Comment by michael schwartz (68) on April 23, 2010 at 6:37am
Glad you enjoyed the new Yankee Stadium. It is a beautiful place, and the concession prices are as bad as you say. A lousy program will set you back ten bucks, and the food prices are indeed outrageous, even for a major league ballpark. I try to eat outside the park and make do with peanuts at the game. Good luck on your ballpark adventure this summer!
Comment by Hansel Rodriguez on April 21, 2010 at 8:45am
It's just for fun. I love baseball so why not give it a shot? even if don't do them all this year, I will see many new parks that i can cross off my list.
Comment by Jack (6) on April 20, 2010 at 11:49pm
And you better believe those tattoos are real! No, I don't have one but I do see them all over. Is there a reason you are seeing all ballparks this summer or just for fun?


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