After going to Clearwater and how I thought it was the best ballpark I've been to at this point, I really felt hard-pressed Montgomery would be it or meet my standards. At the same time after being in Chattanooga, Huntsville, and Birmingham (Regions Park, not the new one), I think Montgomery would be at least better than those. And for the most part, I was right. It wasn't better than Clearwater, but light years ahead of the previous 3.

Riverwalk Stadium in Montgomery is a must if you love baseball, Majors or Minors. It is set near the river (but not by the river) and is in the town, which is in a nice area.

The ballpark was built off an old train depot spot, so the exterior of the park along first base is that of an old, classical building while offices of the Biscuits are in the old depot offices, thus giving it a classic, old time feel.

When we got in, the first thing we noticed besides the smell of hot dogs roaming around the park, was the overall friendliness of the staff. Everybody was friendly and happy to have you there. They were also willing to converse with you for a short time.

We walked around the park as unlike a good number of Minor League parks, you can walk all around the park as we took in the lovely gem of the stadium. The park had a very clean feel to it and one the more unique spots was right center field with the wall curves in as opposed to curving out. The only blip was if you are looking to the outfield, there isn't much in the way of scenery as the Montgomery "skyline" was behind the park as you can see it behind home plate. The first base side, the luxury/club boxes were a part of the depot, which looked like a neat idea.

We got to our seats and the sightlines were very good with comfortable seats themselves. The scoreboard was clear and in high definition, largest one I've seen in a Minor League park to this point and it had a cut-in scoreboard in the left field wall which displayed the hitter's stats.

The food at the park was very good. I ordered a macaroni and cheese hot dog while my dad ordered a cheesesteak. As I mentioned in my Clearwater review, the one down there was the best one I had, but my dad contends that the one he had in Montgomery could be better. My mac and cheese dog tasted fine, just I wished some more flavor with the macaroni and cheese. And since the team name is the Biscuits, they did have biscuits there. I ordered a Strawberry Shortcake Biscuit
and loved it. It was very sweet and tasty while the biscuit was buttered correctly. I can't say enough about it.

Much like Clearwater, I think there wasn't any issues with Montgomery's park. I thought it was done almost perfect. My only issue was the location. It is a nice area, but if you are trying to come in from the Riverwalk, forget it. They closed the gates to go across the Riverwalk to the Park (train tracks) and that took us a few extra minutes to get us from there to the park. Besides that, it was great.

I gave Riverwalk Stadium a 95%. Obviously the best Southern League Park I've been to. But slightly behind Clearwater's Bright House Field. Maybe because the fans were not into the game at all.

1. Staff. Very friendly, very nice.
2. Food selection and quality. Couldn't go wrong with most of the foods offered and there were plenty to offer.
3. The interior of the park. Great, beautiful place, though the outside scenic view is nothing to write home about.
4. The use of the old depot to build the park. You couldn't even tell it was a park, but that's ifine.
5. Scoreboard. Best one in the Minors to this point.

1. Maybe it was a Sunday that I went, but the crowd seemed dead. Even the staff said that the place isn't as fun on a Sunday as it is on a Saturday or a Friday.

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