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My Take on Wrigley Field

A few years back I created a sports "bucket list" (and for me there are a lot of things I want to do before I "sign off" on this Earth), and while I did not list by "priority" without question if I did, going to Wrigley Field is at the top or near the top of my bucket list.  

I think anybody who saw the Cubs on WGN as a kid would remember the scenes of that park, whether it was seeing the ivy-covered wall, the manual scoreboard, panning the front of the park with the famed…


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My Take on US Cellular Field

My summer trip this year took me to the Windy City.  Strangely, I was going to see the Cubs only as I found some nice ticket prices on vividseats.com.  It wasn't until my family asked "if you're going to see the Cubs, why don't you see the White Sox too?"  Well, that made a whole lot of sense!  So I realized we were in Chicago as the White Sox were in town and chose to take in a Sunday afternoon game so I was able to mark two ballparks off my list.  Of course, I was excited as can be.  So…


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My Take on PNC Park

I think anybody who has chased ballparks and has been to Pittsburgh can put PNC Park as the best park to go to if not one of the best (possible top 3) for ballparks in the Majors. For me, while I loved my experience at PNC Park and would happily go there again, I'd probably put a few others just slightly ahead of PNC (not much). While I think the structure of PNC Park itself was magnificent and probably the best I've seen, there were only a couple of things I would change about the…


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Whitaker Bank Ballpark-Lexington

Going on my summer trips now to MLB cities, I am already making it imperative to stop at a town with a Minor League baseball team. Heading to my hometown near Detroit from Atlanta, Lexington, Kentucky is pretty much the halfway point. And thankfully the city of Lexington has a team, the Legends (Single-A, South Atlantic League). So for my "Father's Day gift," my wife and kids agreed to go to a game against Savannah. So I was excited.

Getting to the park however, was anything but…


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Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium

After going to Clearwater and how I thought it was the best ballpark I've been to at this point, I really felt hard-pressed Montgomery would be it or meet my standards. At the same time after being in Chattanooga, Huntsville, and Birmingham (Regions Park, not the new one), I think Montgomery would be at least better than those. And for the most part, I was right. It wasn't better than Clearwater, but light years ahead of the previous 3.

Riverwalk Stadium in Montgomery is a must if you…


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After experiencing a Florida State League game the day before at Steinbrenner Field, I was somewhat apprehensive of going to Bright House Field, home of the Clearwater Threshers and the Phillies Spring Training home. The ballpark looked nice enough, but just because of what I experienced in Tampa, I wasn't holding out great hope. I am glad I was wrong.

I think it might have been because I ended up going on Fireworks night that there was a nice sized crowd, but it was a far cry of what…


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Living in the Southeast in terms of baseball, you really have the Braves and that is it. Tampa Bay is 7 hours away, Miami about 10 hours out, and Houston/Dallas are about 12 hours away. Cincinnati is as close to Atlanta as Tampa Bay is, but nobody considers Cincinnati "South" do they?

So I resort to Minor League Baseball. In the South, there are 2 major leagues for the Minors: the Southern League (AA) and South Atlantic League (A). The Southern League is dominated by teams mainly in…


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My Take on Tropicana Field-2012

I am way behind on this as I mentioned, but whenever I go to a ballpark, Major League or Minor League, I have to review it and also find which ballpark to me is the best ballpark around. And sometimes it might not score HIGH in my book it doesn't mean I don't like it. Tropicana Field fits that bill.

I pretty much kickstarted my baseball stadium tour in Tropicana Field back in 2005. While I liked it, I didn't have a whole lot of desire to go back again. However, the Rays underwent a…


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I know it has been a very long time since I've posted and probably because I've been busy with two children. However my ballpark quest hasn't dropped off. I've been to 8 parks (7 new) since my last post for Augusta last year. 6 of the 8 are Minor League Parks while I made my first trip to PNC Park. I will get to those all later.

For now, I will talk about Huntsville's Joe Davis Stadium, a place I visited on Father's Day 2012.

I heard numerous knocks on Joe Davis Stadium, as…


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My Take on Comerica Park and Progressive Field

Been a while since my last update on here, but I did end up getting to my ballparks this year of Texas, Detroit, and Cleveland. I loved Rangers Ballpark in Arlington and rank it high on my list. Now I went to Comerica 6 years ago but a lot has changed with that park and Progressive Field, which I have heard mixed reviews on, even by my friends who went to that park.

I'll start with Comerica Park. I am probably biased since I'm a diehard Tigers fan. But I thought the stadium was… Continue

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My Take on Rangers Ballpark in Arlington

Just got back from my trip to Dallas and caught two Rangers/Blue Jays games there. Rangers Ballpark in Arlington was definitely a great stadium. It was big but had a homely feel to it. It was clean, and it was baseball, Texas-style.

In terms of the stadiums I've been to, Rangers Ballpark in Arlington is one of my favorites and there were so many good things about it. That being said, there were some things I DIDN'T like about it. Notably the scoreboard and that anything on the right… Continue

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The 2010 Baseball Season That Might Be And My 2010 Ballpark Chase

It has been a while but when the season is over I kinda go into hibernating on here so my apologies to my friends who think I dropped off the face of the earth. That and it drives me bonkers seeing pictures of stadiums before the season starts and I can't go anywhere for months because baseball season isn't around.

Well, it is back and I can't wait.

I saw the recent blog of 2010 Predictions and I'll go with mine. Mine might be skewered, but still...my predictions are my… Continue

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Over the first week of the season, my wife graciously let me drive up to Cincinnati to catch a couple of Mets/Reds games at Great American Ballpark for my 3rd anniversary. It might be the only park I'll end up getting to in 2009 considering it is the closest MLB city to Atlanta (Tampa is the other one and I've already been to that) and my schedule is up in the air. Next year it's either the Cell or Kauffman.

The funny part is, when it comes to new stadiums and these "reviews" I have… Continue

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Big Apple Baseball

My wife & I took our annual trip to a city with a baseball stadium. And for the 2nd straight year, we went to two stadiums. It was Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium. Leading up to the trip, I was told that Yankee Stadium was the gem of all gems while Shea was the MLB dump.

After watching games at both stadiums, I can say that I was disappointed with one and surprised with the other.

For Yankee Stadium, I thought it was an okay place to watch a game. It was nothing like I… Continue

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Stadium "Superlatives"

Since we all have the passion for going to baseball stadiums all over this great country, it got me thinking a little bit: When we signed up one question was, what is your favorite stadium?

How about what is your LEAST favorite stadium that you've been to? What stadium has the best food? What stadium surprised you the most (like you thought it was going to be a dump, but it wasn't too bad)? What stadium disappointed you the most? What stadium would you go back to again (not the… Continue

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The Thrill of the Stadium

Going to all the baseball stadiums has been a lifelong dream of mine. It wasn't only until my final two years of college I really put the whole idea of going to a different stadium into motion (large in part because of financial issues).

As a kid I was fortunate enough to spend a few summer nights on the old corner of Michigan & Trumbull watching the Detroit Tigers play. My favorite spot to sit? The right field porch in the upper deck. In fact, Tiger Stadium might have been the… Continue

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