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I compiled a list of the Theme Nights that the Philadelphia Phillies will be holding at Citizens Bank Park in 2010, and how to get discounted tickets and other nice Phillies related stuff. Each of them has a promotional code that you enter when you're buying tickets for a discount.

Friday, April 16 is Irish Heritage Celebration Night, where each fan receives a green hot dog...ok, not really. But there will be Irish delicacies (Does that mean Irish potatoes? Man I love them without coconut), music and dance. $4 discount off tickets priced under $34. Promotion Code: IRISH

Tuesday, May 3 is Asian Pacific Celebration night. More ethnic food and dancing without any specifics. I'd like to know if I can get dumplings. Same ticket discount, in fact I think all of these promotions offer a $4 discount on tickets with a promo code. Promotional Code: GOODFORTUNE

(Some of these codes come dangerously close to being ethnic jabs. Maybe it's just the conditioning of a litigious society, but I'm chuckling at them and I'm not sure I should.)

Thursday, June 10 is Youth Baseball Celebration Night (II, for some reason). Organized youth baseball teams can parade on the field. Well, at least the first 3,000 kids can. $4 discount on Pavilion Deck and Terrace Deck (upper level) seats. Terrace Deck can in the infield, probably a better bet. Promotional Code: YBBC (pronounced "yibbick")

Friday, June 18 is the Sound of Philadelphia Celebration Night. It's in honor of Black Music Month, which I assume is June. No artists are specified, so I imagine Stevie Wonder won't be coming. They do promise to announce the winner of the Phillies Gamble & Huff Community Partnership Award. Hopefully the winner will be deserving and Kanye West won't have to jump onto the field to protest. $4 off tickets $34 or less. Promotional Code: TSOP

Friday, July 23 is Italian Heritage Celebration Night. "Great Italian food and entertainment", says the Phillies. Hey, when is Italian food not great, except when it's made by Americans? Same discount as the others. Promotional Code: ITALY

Monday, July 26 is Summer Camp Day. I presume it's dedicated to kids in summer camp and their counselors, although they don't quite specify. After the game kids can run the bases courtesy of Modell's. Probably the most fun they'll have all summer. Same $4 discount. Promotional Code: CAMP

Thursday, August 12 is Jewish Heritage Celebration Night. Great kosher food this time and entertainment. Don't know if the entertainment is kosher. Same $4 discount. Promotional Code: MATZ (not joking, it really is)

Friday, September 3 is Latino Celebration Night. More food and entertainment. Sigh. They will announce the 2010 Phillies & Goya Family Service Award winner that evening. Because when you say Family Service, you say Goya. Same $4 discount. Promotional Code: SALSA (yuk)

Finally, Saturday, September 18 is German Heritage Celebration Night. You won't believe this one--great food AND entertainment! Do you think the Scorpions will show up for this one? I don't think they've had many good gigs of late. That'd be great, "Rock You Like A Hurricane" at a family event. Same $4 discount. Promotional Code: HURRICANE. Sorry, just kidding, it's GHC.

The Phillies are also offering something called "Tent Party Packages", where for $100 per fan you get admission to the pre-game Phillies Party Tent, with a buffet, beer and a gift (I assume the food and beer is included in the price). Plus you get a ticket to see a prime opponent...this year it's available for games against the Red Sox, Mets, and Twins (?). The game against the Twins is on Father's Day, so it would make a good gift for Dad.

Well there you have where the Phillies offer a ticket discount in 2010, and some food provided you can stomach matzo-ball soup and fortune cookies. A little tightwad tip for you value seekers in the Philly area.

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Comment by Kurt Smith on April 3, 2010 at 4:37am
Thanks Craig...I just recently added a bit about Fenway, I'll post it here.
Comment by Craig (17) on April 2, 2010 at 12:48am
Good stuff Kurt- the tent party packages sound interesting. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs in the future!
Comment by Kurt Smith on April 1, 2010 at 2:21pm
Thanks for the compliment Jack...incidentally I'm working on Yankee Stadium right I may have something for the blog on it soon!
Comment by Jack (6) on April 1, 2010 at 12:00am
Great information Kurt!


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