I just got back from a visit to Nationals Park in Washington DC. Its a nice park, but just average as far as the new parks go. The food and beer selection was nothing special. My advice if you are planning a trip is to not attempt to drive to the park...there is no parking! Park outside the city and ride the subway to the park. Its air conditioned!! great on a 100 degree day!!

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Great tips, Steve! Congrats on the 38 count...very impressive!
I hope to get to Nationals Park towards the end of the season-thanks for the advice Steve.
Has to be a vast improvement from RFK Stadium though.

Anyways, kinda surprised it was just average as new ballparks go. It looks like a beautiful stadium, something I haven't said about the more recent ballparks.
Don't get me wrong...it's a nice park. It's just that nothing really stood out as to make me say wow. As for RFK, I have had the pleasure(?) of a couple of games there....yuk, pretty much sums it up.

Interesting Fast Company article on Nationals Park.
Another really cool link about Nationals Park...

Jumping in late, saw the Nats and Mets on August 12th (let's go Mets!)

I agree, it's an average new park. I think they were smart not going the retro route, since everybody would then compare it directly to Camden Yards, and they would have lost (best retro park I've been to.) I was disappointed that the promised view of the Capitol from the stadium had to be blocked by above ground parking decks (the cost of underground parking was too much for the budget.) I agree, no really special food items. The concourses were a good width. The upper deck arrangement was a little odd out in right (where we were) with some disconnects between seats and aisles.

The Metro was overloaded after the game, because it was a near sellout. The station wasn't designed for this size of crowd. (Not that the one at RFK was much better from this standpoint.) If anybody goes, avoid the "main" station entrance straight out from center. Go to the "back" entrance, about two blocks to the right (looking from the park.) Much less crowded. We just missed a train, but we got a seat on the next one (perhaps the gray hair helped!)



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