I just started to follow the recent news of the demolition of old Tiger Stadium. I didn't realize the movement behind trying to save the park. It is really sad to see the photos of the demolition. I really regret not getting to see this historical park...yet one more that falls before I got to visit. Any Ballpark Chasers see this park or have photos to share?

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I never got to see a game there but a couple summers ago I did spend some time at the corner of Trumbull & Michigan taking in the remains of a great park where I saw many games on TV from. I am very glad I got to see it, even if to just this extent, before the wrecking ball got there. This past May I was able to show it to my wife and while she don't appreciate the parks as much as I do, she did this one for the history... and the fact they taped part of *61 there. :)

I feel your pain, Jack. I never got to visit Tiger Stadium either. I really hope they save some part of the stadium...it sounds like that may happen.

Thank you to Paul for emailing me this link of photos last week. http://www.mlive.com/lions/galleries/gallery.ssf?cgi-bin/view_galle...

i agree. on the thirty26 trip, i luckily drove by with my dad and took a snap shot of the stadium. it's dilapidated and falling apart. hopefully, they will save it. sven and i went to a game there in september 1998.

I went there on Friday, July 11, almost 2 weeks ago. There were quite a few people that were there to see it probably for the last time. Maybe it was talking to some of them, because most were so amazed at the fact that we had come from Louisiana to watch three games at Comerica Park. A sad feeling of fell over me, hearing the sounds of the huge machines tearing down the centerfield area seats, which I believe were bleachers. My parents and older sister took a trip to Detroit about four months before I was born, so I never got to go to a game there. I probably will always imagine what it was like to be there in 1968, during the World Series or watching Todd Jones close out the final game there. From what I hear from others, it was a great place in "its day." I guess as much as I want to, I'll never get the chance that so many others have had before me. The home of the Motor City Tigers may be coming down, but the memories people had there will last a lifetime.
Yeah, it's very sad. For me, Tiger Stadium was the ballpark to watch a game. It was my first ballpark I ever went to and it was a great start to watch it. The worst part was the city of Detroit didn't do anything to upkeep it. I'm was hoping they would have returned it to the old Navin Field form, but right now, we'll be lucky just to keep the infield.

I do have pictures, but they are at my parents. They're fairly old though.
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