One of the most famous seats in baseball history is Aisle 4, Row 8, Seat 113.

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What is the stadium and why it is famous? First to respond with the correct answer will win your very own Ballpark Chasers T-Shirt!

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I had to look it up, but it makes so much sense. It was Steve Bartman's seat at Wrigley Field:

The seat that on October 14, 2003, the Cubs were just 5 outs from winning the National League playoffs and going to the World Series before Steve Bartman interfered with the ball ....

Which led, of course, to the Cubs missing the Series. Again.
Good work, Steph! Google or not, you won since I didn't say you couldn't look it up!
Poor guy, he's trying to go for a foul ball and instead has an entire city (except for the south side) blast him forever.

I personally think Alou wouldn't have made the catch even if Bartman ran out of the way.
I concur! My heart goes out to Buckner, Bartman, Norwood and good ol' Ray Finkle! Fans just need to understand a game is made up of more than one play.

With that being said...I still believe it is the curse of the Billy Goat! :)
Yeah, knew that one immediately... the Bartman seat no doubts. Showed it to my wife back in May when we were at Wrigley for a couple games :)
I think Ken Lee should get the win, then. After all, he didn't have to look it up!
Do you know if you can still sit in that seat? I am such a history/conspiracy buff that I would love to buy that ticket and watch a game in that view! I read somewhere that the actual Bartman seat was removed and a new one is there today.

That seat is there, though I dont believe, based on markings, thats its the actual same exact seat. When I was at Wrigley for 3 games in August 2006, there was a ton of stickers and other markings, like maybe made by people with keys, on the seat. Now, it shows no signs. So either it was replaced, or cleaned up and repainted. Not sure on that though.

As a part of baseball history, it was very cool to see. I also do not believe that Alou would have caught the ball and know that there was plenty of chances blown after that to stop that Marlin rally, but the Cubs were unable to. So, to me, to blame Bartman is just using him as the escape goat. You have to vilify someone and he was the one in this case.
I also agree. Alou wouldn't have caught the ball. Poor Bartman! I wonder if he will ever be able to go to another Major League Baseball game again in his life. What a bummer that would be- I really feel for him.

The seat above is a replacement.

This is a really good article.
You guys must be kidding me?!?! Hell yeah Alou was going to catch that!!!! I know you want to give Bartman a break, but damn, he literally took an out away from the Cubs. Bartman didn't deserve the consequences, but Alou would have caught that ball. There is absolutely NO doubt about it.

Either way though, the real goat was Gonzalez. He booted the doubleplay ball immediately after. Or Prior, who ended up walking Castillo. Or current Cubbie Derek Lee, who doubled in the tying runs off Prior. Or Farnsworth, who gave up a 3-run triple to Mike Mordecai later in the inning. Or Kerry Wood, who f'd up game 7. Or let's face it, the Marlins were just a way better team than the Cubs.



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