I visited Chase Field for the World Baseball Classic last year... saw all 6 games involving USA, Canada, Mexico and Italy (this was an AMAZING experience).  

However, I did not see the Diamondbacks there. Does it count because I saw a game at the stadium, or does it not count because I did not see the home team play there?

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Great question, Michael! Ballpark Chasers does not have an official rule book- we leave it up to the individual to decide if they want to count it. This comes up a lot with rain-outs, spring training games, ballpark tour but no game, leaving early, etc. In your case I personally would not count it. But again, just my opinion. Which way are you leaning?

I would count it as a ballpark(350), but not a MLB game(48) .I would add another column on my spreadsheet for WBC. I have not seen any games of that. I have majors(48) , minors (184) , colleges(90), college summer ball(27) , independent (27) and  spring training(5) and I am hoping to add Japan with 12 in the next couple of years. 6 of the parks I have seen a mlb game I have also seen another game.

Orlando Wide World of Sports,
Fenway Park


Busch 2 and New shea

I have the same question with an all-star game. Would that count

Because its a Major League baseball game, I would personally count it. 

You're doing this for you, not competing. So it's up to you. Personally, I wouldn't count it. The objective is to see the home team play in the stadium. I saw football games in the Kingdome and Olympic Stadium and don't count them on my defunct list. I've been inside Chase Field and Tropicana Field, but not for a game. So I don't count them.

I ran into the rainout issue recently at Camden Yards. The game was delayed and we didn't know if they were going to get it in. Since my 30 stadium chase has a self-imposed two year time limit I was questioning whether I'd have to come back for it to count. I figured I'd try to go back, but if I couldn't, then I couldn't. Fortunately, they eventually got the game in.

Michael - 

I would count it as a stadium visited.  But that's me.  

Were you at the WBC game where the brawl erupted between Canada and Mexico?  I hadn't ever witnessed anything quite like that at a baseball game.  

That's a good way to put it- "see the home team play" in the ballpark. I would agree with you David. 

Yes, I saw the brawl on the field between Canada and Mexico. I haven't seen anything like that before either. It happened because the Mexico team clearly did not know the tiebreaker rules. When the world baseball classic comes back in 2017, I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to go. It's an experience unlike any other in baseball.

My inclination was the same as some of yours: count it as a ballpark visited, but not a major league game.

Ultimately each of us decides what constitutes a ballpark visit.  My personal criteria:  1. Must be a Major League baseball game that counts. This includes regular season, playoffs, and World Series.  All Star Game, essentially an exhibition, does not count.  If a team had to play in another ballpark because their own was not available for some reason, say if the old Metrodome roof collapsed and the Twins had to play in Milwaukee, that would have counted as a visit to the Milwaukee ballpark.  2.  I never counted a game that did not become official, and have been rained out several times, sometimes to great inconvenience, but that's baseball.  3. Leaving early, after the game becomes official--no problem.

I personally wouldn't count it towards my total of MLB games nor officially count it as seeing Chase Field, but I would just create a seperate list of WBC games seen. That's just me personally. I think like Craig said it's totally up to the individual whether you want to count it.

I would count it, but this depends on your objective. It isn't really pertinent, in my mind, to see the home team play at their ballpark as long as you get to experience it in some way (e.g. ASG, tour, WBC). I treat the stadiums as a place of destination, not needing a specific event to occur. If you look at it the other way, then none of us have ever visited the Roman Coliseum because there were no gladiators in the ring. But again, this is completely subjective. 

I agree with those counting it as a stadium visited.  When I go to a stadium, the game is just a by product of being there in my mind, even though I keep score and often leave at the stretch if it's not a very good game.  BUT having said that, sounds like a good reason to head back out there. Maybe when AZ. is playing your favorite team sometime?  Picking up a few more stadiums along the way?  That way it's settled, no matter who is counting it what way.  Good luck in your stadium quest and have fun.



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