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MLB Summer Break!

I love the MLB Network, but there's a huge opportunity for Original Programming. I sent them a proposal for MLB Summer Break -- -- What do you think? What other programming ideas do you have? If you like MLB Summer Break and are on Twitter, please tweet @MLBNetwork and @MLB directly! (I'm trying to build some momentum!)



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Dennis Quaid vs Kevin Costner

So I'm sitting here kind of half-watching The Rookie.  Disney's making it's pitch for a heartwarming tear-jerker when it hits me:  I wonder how much better Field Of Dreams would have been with Dennis Quaid in it.  Don't get me wrong, I love Field Of Dreams.  It's a great movie for a lot of reasons, but think about it for a minute.  Would it have been even better with Dennis Quaid?  Watch The Rookie, fast forward it if you want, but stop at the scene when Morris gets called up.  Take that…


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Thank You!

Thanks for all the #HireDoug support from my Seattle Mariners campaign. It didn't work out, but thanks anyway! If anything it was a great chance to really get back into blogging and interacting more online which has been fun. I revised my website and added a new blog on the MLB Fan Cave changes (which blow, ha-ha) Check it out!…


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I Need Your Help! Get Me Hired By The Seattle Mariners!

Fellow Chasers --


I've been trying to find my way into a baseball job for years.  If you don't come in as an intern it seems virtually impossible.  15 years of management experience and a college degree don't cut it, even if you're qualified!  So I'm trying something new this time, I'm taking it to them!  I'm not going to settle w/just putting in a resume, I'm going all out, but I need your help!


If you're on…


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Podcast Up Today -- Give it a listen!

My friend Jesse has an ongoing podcast that I was a guest on this week. We talked all things MLB (w/a big focus on the Mariners), NCAA Football, and an NFL prediction show. I think it turned out pretty good. Give it a listen if you have time! Skip the first minute, it's a media snippet.

It was fun to do, I hadn't been on before. He'd wanted me on for awhile but I just hadn't had the time until today. Let me know what you… Continue

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Baseball Movies/Shows (TV Is Missing A Big Opportunity!)

I'm sitting here enjoying Major League, which I always find myself digging out at this time of year. The fact that I'm heading to Cleveland in April makes the movie that much more fun. There've been countless posts over the years about which baseball movie is the best. Which one is your favorite? Which one is the most realistic? Who's the best baseball actor in a movie? Really the list goes on and on. The thing I've really noticed over the years though is that TV is missing a giant opportunity.… Continue

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Road Trip Options -- HOF?

I'm working on finalizing this year's trip. I have it down to 2 itineraries, both packed to the gills (per normal). Question I'd ask is who's been to Cooperstown? How long did you spend there? Was it long enough? What do you think the perfect amount of time to spend there is? I think I spent a good 2-3hrs at the Slugger Museum in Louisville.

Road Trip Option #1 (7 games in 4 days, 2 states, 2 countries)

4/27 - Fly out 11pm

4/28 - Arrive in Detroit at 6am. 11:35…


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Argh! I've been looking for this baseball for close to 7 years, and this is literally the first one I have ever seen on eBay. The only reason I knew it even existed was because the Opening Day ball for the NL just had the red stitching and year so I asked a ball dealer about it. (Who also has not seen one in a long time.) I started with my All Star ball, and an Opening Day 2002, then I just picked them up each year if I was at the actual event. I only buy balls for an event I'm at -- Opening… Continue

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Travel Journals/Diaries?

Seeing Tim's post about his Ticket Journal website had me wondering. How many of you keep a journal or diary while you're on the road?

A few years back I decided to start keeping a journal on my baseball road trips. I bought a few 4x6"-ish leather backs at Target. I remembered always writing in one when we went camping as a family when I was younger. At the time, it all seemed pretty tedious because the entries didn't have a lot of variety. Camping was still mostly camping wherever… Continue

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