Argh! I've been looking for this baseball for close to 7 years, and this is literally the first one I have ever seen on eBay. The only reason I knew it even existed was because the Opening Day ball for the NL just had the red stitching and year so I asked a ball dealer about it. (Who also has not seen one in a long time.) I started with my All Star ball, and an Opening Day 2002, then I just picked them up each year if I was at the actual event. I only buy balls for an event I'm at -- Opening Day, final year of a Stadium, or my favorite the "Griffey Returns" ball that he signed for charity when he came back with Cincy. Well, sure enough the one ball I'm missing came up on eBay out of the blue -- But c'mon, more than $100?? I couldn't afford to sleep on the couch tonight, so I had to stop.

With any luck, maybe another of these will come out now that they know someone wants it and I can pick it up even cheaper, but in the meantime it sucks!

Anyone else have something baseball oriented that you'd truly wanted or looked for, but just couldn't justify at the end? I'm not talking that Babe Ruth ball at the Heritage auctions or game used DiMaggio jerseys. I'm talking something realistic that you could actually afford, but in the end couldn't pull the trigger on it. A painting? A framed photo? Stadium seat? Artifact? Ticket to a game that was there, but you just couldn't tell your spouse it was going to be $500 so you had to bail? (Even though you thought it was totally worth $500 to be there.)


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Comment by Doug Miller (30) on February 3, 2010 at 7:47am
Victory is mine! The guy had more than the one, so I picked it up for a little more than half what the first guy got his for. Mwahahahaha. Then after I got mine, he posted a lot of 3 of them that the next guy got for less than I paid for 1. Huh. Oh well, at least I wasn't the first guy and I have my ball. :)
Comment by Doug Miller (30) on January 21, 2010 at 10:10am
I can understand wanting that, cool coat. You could always go the replica jersey route, they're a lot cheaper and you still get the Wonderboy patch!
Comment by Craig (17) on January 21, 2010 at 1:02am
Ha chair, Doug!

I too really would like to own an original seat from a "lost ballpark". If I could choose, I would love one from Ebbets Field or even the old Polo Grounds. Okay, back to reality and my budget...something that has always been a "want to have" and that I just cant justify buying is a Homestead Grays wool jacket from Ebbets Field Flannels. I just searched for it and realized it is discontinued. Oh well, I would probably now go for the Knights jacket now!

Comment by Doug Miller (30) on January 20, 2010 at 4:20pm
Jack - No, I didn't win that one. I set my limit at $100, I don't know what the winning guy would have bid up to. Sure enough though, I checked the next day, and the original seller must have had 2 because I got it "Buy It Now" for $60! Yeah! I told my wife I saved $40. For some reason, she just didn't see it. Ha-Ha.

Stadium seats are cool. If you're talking wood-original seat, that would be a good chunk of change. Seat-back or full seat? Speaking of seats, I saw an eBay aution the other day for this full-size glove chair. How cool is this?
Comment by Jack (6) on January 19, 2010 at 11:33pm
I see that it closed at $101. That does seem awfully expensive. Did you win it?

This is a great question and really got me thinking. I mean it is weekly that I am on some kick and want to spend money on something baseball related. I would have to so my most recent dream is to get an old stadium seat from Yankee Stadium. Just too darn expensive to pull the trigger though.


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