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Hello all !!!  It has been a long time since I have posted about anything here.  I hope you've all had a good new year.  I certainly can't wait for the baseball season to start.  And we all know that the official countdown to spring training starts immediatly after the Super Bowl.  As for the Super Bowl, it can't end soon enough for me especially with my 49ERS narrowly missing it this year. 


Anyways, I hope you fellow ballpark travelers have your plans set for this summer. …


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No. 54 on Opening Day

I am planning on making it down to Miami with my two sons for Opening Day, our tenth in a row together, which will be my 54th major league ballpark, including all of the current ones and 24 that are no longer in existence or being used.  Can't wait!


Dave Ernst

Omaha, NE

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...'til San Jose

Arrangements made for San Diego, Atlanta and Miami in 2012.  All I need is the game tickets.  That will complete me (until the A's get a new ballpark.....)

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Easiest Way To See All 30 MLB Ballparks.

Attending a major league baseball game is not cheap. When it comes to tickets, gas, parking, food, souveniers; you're often out at least $100.

So are these guys that attend games at all 30 ballparks rich? Not always. Traveling feats are accumulated over time just like anything else. If you live in the Northeast, nearly half of the league's ballparks are within a few hours driving distance.

The easiest way to tackle all 30 is to hit them simultaneously while you are in that…


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30 Ballparks in 30 Days

In early November, I wrote of the proposed 30 ballpark 30 day tour I would take in 2012 and the added unique aspect of who I am as a blind fan.


Before I go into the latest details, I did want tips from someone n contacting a publisher, because I did want to write a book as well.  Mine would focus on the travel experience, the accessibility to things in and outside the park, and the experience using local public transit or the lack thereof in some instances.  Any tips are much…


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Bought a ticket yesterday for the March 28th game at the Tokyo Dome between the A's and the Mariners.  Using frequent flier mileage for the flight from Newark, NJ, and only staying over one night in Tokyo, so the cost should be manageable.  I've been to Tokyo before, courtesy of Uncle Sam, so am not concerned with sightseeing this time around.  This ought to be a very unusual experience, and I'll be sure to post some highlights after my return.

Added by michael schwartz (68) on January 7, 2012 at 10:49pm — 5 Comments

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