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Lindquist Field - Ogden Raptors

The focus of this story is not on the ballpark itself, Lindquist Field in Ogden, Utah, home of the Ogden Raptors, the Pioneer League affiliate of the Dodgers. This story focuses on two native Eastern Iowans who are spending their summer playing for the club. But, if you take a look at the video, or the photos, you can see that Lindquist Field has one of the most spectacular… Continue

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Comerica Park, June, 2010 - Nats at Tigers

Comerica is a real baseball cathedral. It is designed so that downtown Detroit, which has beautiful buildings, (albeit many unoccupied) is the full panorama of the outfield, and makes it ever so much more annoying that the Capitol cannot be seen from much of Nats Park. There are large tiger sculptures at many of the entrances – skulking, snarling – and there are tiger heads with baseballs in their mouths along several of the exterior walls which look like gargoyles or sconces, and the baseballs… Continue

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Dickey-Stephens Park, North Little Rock, Arkansas

My ballpark stop for "work" this week is the visit I paid to Dickey-Stephens Park, home of the AA (Texas League) Arkansas Travelers. A really nice ballpark located in North Little Rock, across the river from downtown Little Rock. Great looking stadium with an organist who plays right on the main concourse.… Continue

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Canada, Eh...

Now that I have gone to Toronto and the Rogers Centre, that leaves me with a total of 13 with 19 left to go. (I also included the old Yankee and Shea stadiums. That's why when you add 19 and 13 you get 32. I will not see defunct stadiums, though, will see future ones.) This time I was following the Yankees and came out with a victory. I feel it makes more sense to follow your team, than to go to a game and not cheer for a team or a team that you dislike. Canada is a beautiful place, polite and… Continue

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2011 MLB Playoffs

As the trade deadline and last two full month of major league baseball approach, I think it is time that I take a look at potential playoff matchups.

Looking at the National League I think everyone would agree that the NL East is home to the two best teams in the NL: the Philadelphia Phillies and Atlanta Braves. The Phillies will win the division and probably 105+ games. I think it is also fair to say the number two team in this division is going to be the wild card winner. There is… Continue

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Nats at Indians, June 2010

I have regularly done writeups of ballparks that we have visited, so I'm trying to get these posted so that they are all collected together. To come: Comerica Park, Citifield, and new Yankee Stadium.

Progressive Field in Cleveland, OH June 12 and 13 2010

This park was opened in 1995 as Jacobs Field, and is still known in some quarters as “the Jake”. It has a nice urban feel, with some downtown buildings in the background view from the stands. As we were on foot coming to the… Continue

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Riverfront Stadium - Waterloo, IA

Riverfront Stadium in Waterloo, Iowa, hasn't been a minor league ballpark since the early 1990's, but it still hosts summer collegiate league baseball. It was the first of the 40+ minor league ballparks I've been to. Check out my most recent visit there for "Ballparks of the… Continue

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Summer Vacation Time!

OK, Chasers, time for the annual Summer Ballpark Gathering vacation for the fam. Starting tonight at the home base, AT&T Park, for Giants-Dodgers. Flight tomorrow to DTW for Tigers-A's; drive to TO for Jays-M's games W and Th; down to PNC Park for F and Sa Pirate-Cardinal tilts, then off to Cleveland for the White Sox and Indians. Hope to see some of you there!

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Petco Park June 2011

Second part of a west coast trip, following the Nats.  Enjoy!

PetcoPark is white concrete and sand-colored stone, like the stone walls of the Museum of the American Indian on the national mall.  The light towers are solid and look like light-colored adobe, giving the impression of bell towers at a Spanish mission.  The exception to the southwest colors is the incorporation of the Western Metal Company building in far left field – the corner of the building is the foul pole – which is…


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Principal Park - Des Moines

Another stop on my "Ballparks of the Midwest" work project. A park I've been to many times, but a good one over in Des Moines, Principal Park, home of the Iowa Cubs (AAA - Pacific Coast League - Cubs). One of the older parks of the 1990's stadium building boom. Check it out… Continue

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2012 Trip

My buddy Jeff and I are planning a ridiculous road trip next summer to visit about 10-15 stadiums, including two AAA stadiums, in about a two week span.  Here is a list of the ballparks we plan on visiting:


1) St. Louis - Busch Stadium

2) Chicago - US Cellular Field or Wrigley Field

3) Cincinnati - Great American Ballpark

4) Detroit - Comerica Park

5) Cleveland - Progressive Field

6) Pittsburgh - PNC Park

7) Philadelphia - Citizens…


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The Fastest Thirty Ballgames

Why the book ‘F30BG’ was written

I wrote the book The Fastest Thirty Ballgames because I wanted to help the average person aspire to view some of the ballparks with the kind of knowledge I wish I would have known before going to them myself.

Baseball is so unique compared to the other… Continue

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Ballpark Calendars

I designed/published/sold The American Ballpark 15-Month Calendar.  There were 2 editions: 1983-1984 and 1984-1985.  Mine were the first ballpark calendars, many others followed!!  I have a very limited number (about 10) of each edition.  If interested, email me at mdditaly@aol.com and I will provide more details.  Thanks, Kent Dudrear

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Am I a Chaser???

Fellow chasers.

The season is half way over, I am almost half way done with chasing but, I want to know, am I a real chaser? Am I worthy enough, am I as dedicated as most of the people on this site? I have been chasing for 3 years and have seen 12 ballparks, not clearly enough as a lot of people. I don't drive from city to city, or sleep in my car or tailcate in the parking lot. Trust me I would love to. Its just a hobby I do for the love of the sport. I am a big fan of baseball and… Continue

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AT&T Park June 2011

We have been regularly doing a ballpark trip every year, and this year followed the Nats out to San Francisco and San Diego.  Below are my notes from AT&T Park - Petco Park notes will be posted in a few days.

AT&T Park looks a lot like OPACY has been transplanted to the Oakland Bay, and this park certainly has the prettiest natural setting of any baseball park that we have seen.  It was particularly nice to get to the right field walkways and seats, as these have a terrific…


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My First MLB Game - AstroDome - August 29, 1998

Many people remember their first Major League games or at least have some fond memory from their first game. I remember walking into the AstroDome for the first time on August 29, 1998 and sitting on the first base side as the Pittsburgh Pirates were playing the Houston Astros. I still have the promotional giveaway from my first game (and only game at the AstroDome) which was a blue "autographed" baseball that was very popular in the late '90's with the stamped autographs on them. I thought…


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Pringles Park - Jackson, Tennessee

Another stop on my ballpark series for work. I was down this direction to do two other ballparks, and Jackson happened to be at home, so, a bonus ballpark. The Jackson Generals (formerly the West Tennesee Diamond Jaxx) are the AA affiliate of the Seattle Mariners. Check out Pringles Park,… Continue

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What about winter?

What about Winter?!

A coworker of mine, who I should say has no imagination, nor creativity are talking and I mention this site.  He asks me what I am going to do when the season ends. Will I keep talking baseball? He is a Met fan but only when they're winning and doesn't really follow sports.

Honestly, there are excactly three things I can talk about, everyday, all day, all the time. Excactly three.…


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An inside look at the Marlins new Ballpark

I found this video of the Marlins new ballpark. It's coming along!




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Visiting Nats Park - July 2011

The best way to come to Nats Park is by subway Green Line, to Navy Yard station - closest entrance to the park is at the back end of the train, coming from Chinatown/Gallery Place and L'Enfant Plaza.  However, the opposite entrance, at M Streets and New Jersey Avenue, is much less crowded after the game, so walk over there rather than trying the closest entrance.  If the game has been crowded - everyone staying to the end and/or a strong attendance to begin with - it may be easier to walk North… Continue

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