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Minor League Parks?

Is there a future for minor league park chasing?

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Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium

After going to Clearwater and how I thought it was the best ballpark I've been to at this point, I really felt hard-pressed Montgomery would be it or meet my standards. At the same time after being in Chattanooga, Huntsville, and Birmingham (Regions Park, not the new one), I think Montgomery would be at least better than those. And for the most part, I was right. It wasn't better than Clearwater, but light years ahead of the previous 3.

Riverwalk Stadium in Montgomery is a must if you…


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30 Ballparks 57 Days

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After experiencing a Florida State League game the day before at Steinbrenner Field, I was somewhat apprehensive of going to Bright House Field, home of the Clearwater Threshers and the Phillies Spring Training home. The ballpark looked nice enough, but just because of what I experienced in Tampa, I wasn't holding out great hope. I am glad I was wrong.

I think it might have been because I ended up going on Fireworks night that there was a nice sized crowd, but it was a far cry of what…


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Ball Parks Visited as of 2013

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Living in the Southeast in terms of baseball, you really have the Braves and that is it. Tampa Bay is 7 hours away, Miami about 10 hours out, and Houston/Dallas are about 12 hours away. Cincinnati is as close to Atlanta as Tampa Bay is, but nobody considers Cincinnati "South" do they?

So I resort to Minor League Baseball. In the South, there are 2 major leagues for the Minors: the Southern League (AA) and South Atlantic League (A). The Southern League is dominated by teams mainly in…


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Remimering heros

On July 5th, The Arizona Diamondbacks had a touching ceremony remembering the 19 hotshot firefighters that died fighting a wildfire on June 30. The team also helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for aid for the communities involved. This got me to think about how baseball seems to always bring communities together during tough times. Any other times you can think of like this?

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Ballpark passport and other collections

Hi All,

I learned about the new passport book right here on this blog about a month or so ago. Personally, I think it's as good an idea as any to collect something tangible to go along with your memories of the Chase. I've now seen 23 MLB teams in their home ballparks and am not about to start all over to get a stamp collection, but more power to all those gathering stamps (my wife has been very diligent over the years collecting the stamps in our national parks passport book and I've…


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San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Matt Cain is currently 5-5 with a 4.85 ERA. He has struck out 102 batters in 111.1 innings of work. His WHIP is a respect 1.14 and yet those aren’t the numbers we have come to expect from the Giants ace. He career ERA is a sparkling 3.38 and only once has he finished a season with an ERA above 4.00. That season was 2006, it was Cain’s first full year in the Bigs and he went 13-12 with a 4.15 ERA. Not bad for twenty-one year old rookie.

Cain is now…


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Ballpark and Team relationships

While traveling around, I know that most older ballparks have a feature or two that make you associate that feature with the home team. For example; Ivy walls- Cubs, Green Monster- Red Sox, and fountains- Royals. However, most newer ballparks can be used interchangably by any team. The only exception I can think of off hand, is Comerica Park where the entrance has the big Tigers looking down at you. Kinda locks it in which team is there. Are there any others that dictate which team? Of…


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My Take on Tropicana Field-2012

I am way behind on this as I mentioned, but whenever I go to a ballpark, Major League or Minor League, I have to review it and also find which ballpark to me is the best ballpark around. And sometimes it might not score HIGH in my book it doesn't mean I don't like it. Tropicana Field fits that bill.

I pretty much kickstarted my baseball stadium tour in Tropicana Field back in 2005. While I liked it, I didn't have a whole lot of desire to go back again. However, the Rays underwent a…


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Our July 2013 baseball weekend

On July 5, 6, and 7th 2013 two of my boys, my brother and a grandson went on our annual baseball weekend trip. We started in Toronto at the Rogers Centre and saw the Jays beat the Twins 4 to 0.

We travelled to Cleveland on Saturday and watched Detroit defeat the Indians 9 t0 4. While in Cleveland we stopped by the old League Park. Anyone going to Cleveland should look this up. There is a lot of history at this old park. The ticket office still stands and the right field wall, the rest…


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I know it has been a very long time since I've posted and probably because I've been busy with two children. However my ballpark quest hasn't dropped off. I've been to 8 parks (7 new) since my last post for Augusta last year. 6 of the 8 are Minor League Parks while I made my first trip to PNC Park. I will get to those all later.

For now, I will talk about Huntsville's Joe Davis Stadium, a place I visited on Father's Day 2012.

I heard numerous knocks on Joe Davis Stadium, as…


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MLB All Star Game Apples on Parade in NYC

By Arty 84

Live Blog so please excuses type-o’s =) – Read more of Blogs on – http://www.wheresarty.com & http://www.wickedgoodsportstalk.com

As many people know, the 2013 MLB All Star game will be played at Citi field, in Queens NYC on Tuesday, July 16th. I was in NYC last weekend, and discovered these apples around the city called Apples on Parade. NYC did this in 2008 when the All… Continue

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Camden Yards and six other parks

My wife, Penny, and I are seven stadiums into the journey. This blog includes stories about the journey.


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2013 Road Trip a Success!

The trip my brother and I had planned to get our dad to Fenway Park for the first time was a great experience. Everything went off without a hitch. Okay, we may have taken the wrong train in New York once and went into NJ when we were supposed to be heading to Connecticut after leaving Yankee Stadium, but I guess that's all part of the experience.

In summary, we saw 7 games in 8 days. 6 of those games had saves and the other a walk-off homer. No extra innings. No rain delays. All in… Continue

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Giants in San Francisco

Hi All,
I'll be hitting my 23rd MLB franchise on Friday when the Giants take on the Dodgers at AT&T Park. As a New Yorker and born and raised Yankee fan, seeing these two teams playing against each other in California is a bit ironic. But I'm looking forward to a good game, my third between classic rivals (Yankees vs. Red Sox at Fenway and Cubs vs. Cardinals at Busch Stadium being the others).
Any other Chasers going to the Giants game tomorrow?

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