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Chris Headrick of and I chat all things Braves including what's up B.J. Upton and Dan Uggla plus he gives us his favorite 9! plus Kerry Ligtenberg gives us 5 minutes!

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Hello New Here..

Hello, New here. Glad to find others who like ballparks and enjoy traveling to them. I travel a lot and can help you out with Jays stuff.

I try to get to as many parks as I can when Im on the road. At home you can find me at Jays games. If anyone needs tips on parks just holler. I had a blog and a Baseball Photo site that i am trying to link up on here.


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Baseball Bucket List (Updated 7/2015)

I have a long way to go. Only 74 of 162 by my count. But, always time to knock out more of these!

1. (X)-Take a Baseball Road Trip

2. ( )-Visit the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum (Cooperstown. NY)

3. (X)-Go to Opening Day

4. (X)-Attend a World Series Game

5. (X)-See the Chicago Cubs Play at Wrigley Field

6. (X )-Watch the Ken Burns Documentary "Baseball"

7. ( )-See the Boston Red Sox play at Fenway Park

8. ( )-Experience a Hall of Fame…


Added by Michael J. Torson on August 25, 2013 at 9:30pm — 1 Comment

Whitaker Bank Ballpark-Lexington

Going on my summer trips now to MLB cities, I am already making it imperative to stop at a town with a Minor League baseball team. Heading to my hometown near Detroit from Atlanta, Lexington, Kentucky is pretty much the halfway point. And thankfully the city of Lexington has a team, the Legends (Single-A, South Atlantic League). So for my "Father's Day gift," my wife and kids agreed to go to a game against Savannah. So I was excited.

Getting to the park however, was anything but…


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Fantasy Junkies alert courtesy of the

Who’s hot: Fantasy Baseball

Wilin Rosario – The Rockies Catcher exploded onto the seen last season, his first full season in the Bigs. He crushed 28 homers and hit .270/.312/.530 in 396 at-bats. Those numbers from any rookie would make GMs drool. But those stats from a catcher will make adult bibs a must. This year Rosario is clipping at 20 homers .286/.313/.494 in 385 at-bats through Thursday. He produced 71 RBIs in 2012 and he is already at 70 this season. The homers are slightly down…


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The Verlander Decline

If the Tigers make the World Series this season it might be in spite of Justin Verlander instead of because him. He is not having a terrible season per se. He has surely not been his typical dominant self though. Recently radio personality and retired player Jack Clark suggested Justin Verlander has not lost velocity, he was just simply not using PEDs anymore. His words not mine. He also included the great Albert Pujols in such discussions.

This decline of Verlander is strangely…


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PNC Park

William glad you enjoyed PNC Park. Although I've only been to a few MLB parks, PNC is my favorite. We usually park on the city side and then walk Clemente Bridge avoiding alot of the traffic after the game. I agree with you on Primanti's, not a fan. Hope to pay a visit to Yankee stadium some day. For now looking forward to my first post-season MLB game. Go Bucs!

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Ben and I talk Twins and he gives us his Favorite 9

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The 2014 MLB Master Schedule Is Coming – MLB Reports Is Going To Be Your #1 Source For It

The MLB Schedule Will Be Posted for 2014 around Sept.11/2013/. When it does, we will come out strong with a monthly schedule page for all 6 months next year, a weekly schedule for each week, a master schedule of Doubleheaders (doable as a ball park fan), and also a scheduled home doubleheader master schedule (these often come based on weather cancellations that arise early in the season and then the team puts up 2 games in one day later on.

Each time will also receive a breakdown by…


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Red Sox in L.A.

Red Sox in L.A. next week...Anybody know where the Sox stay while in L.A.? BEAT LA!!!!!

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Taking Stock Halfway Through the Tour

This weekend's game marked the sixteenth top on my tour. Amusingly, with The Montreal Expos moving two seasons after I still have fifteen ballparks yet to see.

With half the league gone, I thought I'd take a moment and rank how they've shaped up for me. (I'm sorta surprised there's no widget for this somewhere on the site). I'm taking into account aesthetic, accessibility, view of the field/view from the concourse, food, crowd, neighbourhood, and the somewhat intangible "Do I feel…


Added by Ryan McNeil on August 6, 2013 at 1:00pm — 4 Comments

Last week's trip

Last week in Comerica Park in Detroit - tremendous park in sharp contrast to a depressing city - and Progressive (formerly Jacobs) Field in Cleveland, which is aging but still a beautiful park. Also saw games in 5 terrific minor league parks - in ascending order of excellence, Fifth Third Field in Dayton, Victory Field in Indianapolis, Fifth Third Field in Toledo, Huntington Park in Columbus, Ohio, and possibly the best minor league stadium I've seen, Louisville Slugger Field. Because of its…


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