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Baseball, Beer, Movies... USA

Baseball, Beer, Movies... USA!


I made it home!  Let me tell you it sure is great to be back in the USA.  It’s been an excellent journey so far.  My first night home it was game seven of the World Series.  There is no greater way to come home to the US and enjoy a game seven and a nice cold Bud Light.  As you all know St. Louis won it.  Apparently it was one…


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What type of Ballpark Chaser are you?

I am interested to learn how most members attempt to visit all 30 ballparks:

  • Have you already hit all 30 ballparks?
  • Are you visiting the 30 ballparks when the opportunity presents itself, and not so concerned with achieving all 30 in a given time frame?
  • Are you chasing all 30 ballparks over the course of a few years?
  • Are you trying to chase them all in a single year? and if so, are you going for all 30 in 2012?

My husband and I are…


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A Baseball Season to Remember

Originally written on October 29, 2011

 An absolutely thrilling World Series has brought to an end a baseball season which I as baseball fan in general and an Orioles fan in particular will cherish in memory forever.

  Anyone reading must wonder why I am so fond of a season in which the Orioles went 69-93 and tragically lost former Orioles' great Mike Flanagan.  The answer is the personal slice of the season that I experienced was much different than the…


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What am I doing?

What am I doing?


It’s been a little while since I’ve written anything. The internet in my room was not working on my down day and other than that I’ve been really tired. It’s almost time for us to be done with the longest year of my life and I am exhausted. Not too…

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Tense game

What a wild night for us Tigers fans here in Afghanistan. The game started at 8pm Eastern time 430am Afghan time. We are 8 and a half hour ahead of New York if you’re bad at math. Shortly after 0430 I was able to get on the computer in the office and log on to my MLB.com account. I pulled up the audio for the game and it was already 2-0 Tigers. I left the game up while I was in and out of the office. In the facility I work in there is one TV that we have access to. It’s in our main…


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The movie is fantastic.  Superb acting (love the scene with the 'old timer' scouts).  That was perfectly done.  The sound/no sound in the movie was fantastic during that 20th game.


It's a good date movie, it's a good guys/gals night out movie.  It's a good movie.  I probably would not recommend it for youngsters (under the years of 12 or 13).  It's not necessarily about baseball (though that's a big part of it) but about trying to implement a…


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Memories Do you ever have random memories that come back to you? That happened to me today. I was talking to Melissa who was watching the Lion King in 3D on her super wicked TV when I asked her a random question. “Did you have a crush on Jonathon Taylor Thomas when we were younger” She said no. I just remembered my older sister, Stacy, had posters and Pictures of JTT all over her room. That brought back a pretty good memory for me.


  When I was in 3rd grade my parents moved…


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An idea...

I’ve had a few suggestions for a kickstarter.com project. One is to pick up something small for donors at the parks. Something small and obviously something cost effective. I was thinking there could be one price bracket for picking up one thing from one ballpark, and another price bracket for picking up one thing at every ballpark. Another suggestion is to have t-shirts made. I’ve always wanted a t-shirt with my goofy face on it so I really like this idea! Maybe have a map of the US with…


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