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DH In National League May Lead to Other Changes

The designated hitter was instituted in the American League in 1973. The rule, that lets a position player hit in place of the pitcher, was the brainchild of notorious Chicago White Sox owner Bill Veeck.*

If the Designated Hitter comes to the National League in 2017, I predict position players will be allowed to re-enter games by 2020. If those things become reality, the active roster limit should remain at 25 players to keep some strategy in the game.

*Note: This blog post…


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Pete Rose: His Un-American Actions are Costing Him a Second Chance

Pete Rose has been banned from Major League Baseball for more than 25 years now. I think there is one very simple reason why the all-time hits leader {4,256 for his career} hasn't been let back into the game. America is known as the "land of second chances," and, if Rose had come clean to Bart Giamatti – admitting that he committed the number one sports sin by betting on his sport – he would've ended up serving something like a 10 year ban.

So it turns out that something that we are…


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Road Trip through the AL East

Hi, I wanted to share this piece I wrote about visiting the ballparks of the AL East. It's part of a series and I plan to do a different division each week, followed by a piece on Fan Experiences at ballparks. Lots of great parks in the AL East, and also there's Tropicana Field :-)

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Intro and 2016 plans

Hello, I hope everyone had a Joyful Christmas. I'm snowed in here in OKC and figured I'd look into my plans for ballpark road trips in 2016.

First though a little about myself and where I've been. I just turned 40 recently and have been blessed to see many ballparks, both mlb and minors. I am a huge Dodgers fan and couldn't have been happier when the aaa team moved to OKC (sorry, Albuquerque). I've seen 2 games at Dodger stadium, the second being my most memorable game ever--Kershaw's…


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Unfair Equity: Rockies Fans Deserve More From Ownership

Rockies fans deserve more than what they've received from ownership for 22 seasons of loyal attendance in Denver. Colorado has had some magic baseball moments[1995 and 2007] in the last two decades, but, over the long haul, Rockies pitching has been substandard for MLB competition.

By now, it is well known that the Brothers Monfort and Jerry McMorris, were not the original ownership group that was going to lead the Rockies. The Rockies were going to be owned by a group led by…


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2016 Road Trip Vacation

Planning to visit 4 new MLB parks, and at least 4 new MiLB parks in June.

6/13- Reds at Braves
6/14 - Mariners at Rays
6/15 - Fort Myers at Lakeland
6/16 - Biloxi at Pensacola
6/17 - Oklahoma City at New Orleans
6/18-19 - Reds at Astros
6/20 - Corpus Christi at San Antonio
6/21-22 - Reds at Rangers
6/23 - Fort Wayne at Bowling Green
6/24-26 - Padres at Reds (Reds Hall of Fame weekend)

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New to the site, a little about me

I've been to 6 current MLB stadiums, 11 overall. I'm actually more interested in minor league ballparks than Major League. I've been to right around 70 MiLB ballparks.

I grew up in Arlington, TX, and my family had Texas Rangers' season tickets in the late 80's and early 90's. That's where I fell in love with baseball. During the same time period, my dad was living in Huntsville, AL. I'd go to visit him in the summer and he'd take me to Huntsville Stars' games, when they were the A's…


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New to the Chasers website...

I am new to this site. A friend found it and tipped me off. Wow, I wish I had known about it. I have been to 29 current parks, and 14 closed parks. It has been a life journey, with my first game at old Metropolitan Stadium in Minnesota when I was 5 (47 years ago). I will be going to D.C. in 2016 to complete the dream. Then, with Atlanta opening in 2017, I will be going there to keep the dream alive. This site makes me think about a lot of memories. I need to gather my thoughts and put them…


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Post Season


This year has not been a good year for me when it comes to seeing baseball. I have only been able to make it to five games this year and all to stadiums that I have already been to (Nationals, Padres, Athletics and Mariners), but......

I was able to get a ticket to the playoffs! I will be going to the Dodgers game on Friday against the Mets. This will be my first post-season game EVER, I don't know about you all, but I'm pretty excited about it!!!

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My Ballpark History

For those interested in my entire ballpark history I have added this blog post as a way to track my progress. Included in my official ballpark history are Major League Baseball ballparks attended past and present (45), Minor League Baseball ballparks attended past and present (63), Independent League ballparks (3), Collegiate Summer League ballparks attended (5), Spring Training ballparks attended (5), Winter League ballparks attended (6), and NCAA Baseball ballparks attended past and…


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Marlins Park August 2015

Finally got to Marlins Park this month, and liked it a lot. We took a trip down to Miami for an overnight just to get to the park - although stayed in South Beach so did an Art Deco walking tour as well, absolutely worthwhile. I saw what I figured must be Marlins Park from the air as we were coming in for landing, and confirmed in the taxi on the way there that yes, that is what I saw. We thought it was big and flashy, and while it would look awful just about anywhere else, was absolutely…


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Chicago Cubs - Wrigley Field - 2002

I drove to Chicago with my then-boyfriend Bill and his brother Joe to see a baseball game and to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at the Chicago Theater. We rode the elevated train to the baseball game from Evanston. We asked the employee at the train station what station to get off at and he laughed at us in our Cubs hats and told us that we would know just where to get off. And sure enough, as we rode into the city the train filled with Cubs fans and at the Wrigley stop the train emptied.…


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Colorado Rockies - Coors Stadium - July 2, 2011

My kids and I went to Denver for a family reunion and the whole family went to a Rockies game. They played the Royals. A couple of the kids and I went early to watch batting practice (it’s the best time to get a ball or signature). We saw Alex Gordon, but he passed us by despite the fact that I had two cute kids with me in Huskers t-shirts.

The stadium is beautiful and located downtown which makes restaurants really convenient. We sat in the outfield in the sun. Outfield seats are not…


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Royals - Kauffman Stadium - June 20, 2015

Given the proximity it’s no surprise that I have been to Kauffman Stadium innumerable times. Bill and I made a weekend of it every summer. My son came along with us a couple of times.

The stadium shares a parking lot with Arrowhead Stadium. It’s right off the Interstate and lacks the charm of a…


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Target Field - Twins - April 19, 2015

My cousin Mike has always been my favorite cousin. He and I don’t see each other often enough. I was in Minneapolis for a weekend art show and a rock concert. Mike suggested a baseball game.

We drove to the stadium and walked over to the game. It’s right across the street from First Avenue and has lots of…


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Miller Park - Brewers - June 13, 2015

“I must be in the front row!”

I drove to Milwaukee after a week at the writing workshop in Iowa City. Milwaukee was charming. The ballpark is phenomenal (though I wish it was down by the lake and not out on the Interstate). I was nearly in the front row. I was 6 rows up from home plate and my ticket was very reasonably priced. Bob Uecker is literally the last row in the park! Ha!

I could not get over how nice everyone was at this ballpark. The parking lot is full of tailgate…


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Washington Nationals - Nationals Park - July 8, 2015

I love taking public transportation to the ballpark. I enjoy the sense of community I feel while watching baseball and when you ride the the train with strangers going to the same event it helps the anticipation build. At every stop more fans get on the train until everyone bursts out of the train station onto the street toward the stadium and we’re all going to the same party. The Metro stop at Nationals Park opens onto a street with a beer garden and vendors. I wish it had been a sunny…


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Summer 2015 - Ranking the Ballparks

So I've now been to 13 current MLB parks. I thought I'd try to rank them in this post. I'm not going to include Citi Field because I went in 2010, before I became a true "chaser." So there will be 12. I had a good time at each park and would go back to any of them, I just like some more than others. Bear with me, this is long - I bolded the parks if you just want to quickly see my rankings w/o all the commentary.

12. US Cellular Field (went once, in 2013). Easy to get…


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Let's Go Mets! (Citi Field)

Saturday, August 15, 2015

There is something really quaint about this ball field. It’s fairly new, but it has a charmingly dated feel to it. I think it’s the adorable Mr. Met? The cute home run apple that pops up in the outfield when the Mets hit a home run? Or the Jackie Robinson rotunda? Or the…


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Summer 2015 Ballpark Chasing, Pt. 2 - Chase Field

After the 2 games at Wrigley, I figured my next ballpark would be Chase Field in Phoenix, just after the All Star Break. I wanted to find out something about the park first, and that's when I came across Ballpark Chasers. This site has turned out to be an incredible resource!

In 2012, I was at a Tigers game with my dad when he asked me if I was going to try to get to all 30 MLB parks. That's when the idea started to really appeal to me. We had been to a few when I was a kid and I had…


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