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Chicago Cubs - Wrigley Field - 2002

I drove to Chicago with my then-boyfriend Bill and his brother Joe to see a baseball game and to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at the Chicago Theater. We rode the elevated train to the baseball game from Evanston. We asked the employee at the train station what station to get off at and he laughed at us in our Cubs hats and told us that we would know just where to get off. And sure enough, as we rode into the city the train filled with Cubs fans and at the Wrigley stop the train emptied.…


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Colorado Rockies - Coors Stadium - July 2, 2011

My kids and I went to Denver for a family reunion and the whole family went to a Rockies game. They played the Royals. A couple of the kids and I went early to watch batting practice (it’s the best time to get a ball or signature). We saw Alex Gordon, but he passed us by despite the fact that I had two cute kids with me in Huskers t-shirts.

The stadium is beautiful and located downtown which makes restaurants really convenient. We sat in the outfield in the sun. Outfield seats are not…


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Royals - Kauffman Stadium - June 20, 2015

Given the proximity it’s no surprise that I have been to Kauffman Stadium innumerable times. Bill and I made a weekend of it every summer. My son came along with us a couple of times.

The stadium shares a parking lot with Arrowhead Stadium. It’s right off the Interstate and lacks the charm of a…


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Target Field - Twins - April 19, 2015

My cousin Mike has always been my favorite cousin. He and I don’t see each other often enough. I was in Minneapolis for a weekend art show and a rock concert. Mike suggested a baseball game.

We drove to the stadium and walked over to the game. It’s right across the street from First Avenue and has lots of…


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Miller Park - Brewers - June 13, 2015

“I must be in the front row!”

I drove to Milwaukee after a week at the writing workshop in Iowa City. Milwaukee was charming. The ballpark is phenomenal (though I wish it was down by the lake and not out on the Interstate). I was nearly in the front row. I was 6 rows up from home plate and my ticket was very reasonably priced. Bob Uecker is literally the last row in the park! Ha!

I could not get over how nice everyone was at this ballpark. The parking lot is full of tailgate…


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Washington Nationals - Nationals Park - July 8, 2015

I love taking public transportation to the ballpark. I enjoy the sense of community I feel while watching baseball and when you ride the the train with strangers going to the same event it helps the anticipation build. At every stop more fans get on the train until everyone bursts out of the train station onto the street toward the stadium and we’re all going to the same party. The Metro stop at Nationals Park opens onto a street with a beer garden and vendors. I wish it had been a sunny…


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Summer 2015 - Ranking the Ballparks

So I've now been to 13 current MLB parks. I thought I'd try to rank them in this post. I'm not going to include Citi Field because I went in 2010, before I became a true "chaser." So there will be 12. I had a good time at each park and would go back to any of them, I just like some more than others. Bear with me, this is long - I bolded the parks if you just want to quickly see my rankings w/o all the commentary.

12. US Cellular Field (went once, in 2013). Easy to get…


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Let's Go Mets! (Citi Field)

Saturday, August 15, 2015

There is something really quaint about this ball field. It’s fairly new, but it has a charmingly dated feel to it. I think it’s the adorable Mr. Met? The cute home run apple that pops up in the outfield when the Mets hit a home run? Or the Jackie Robinson rotunda? Or the…


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Summer 2015 Ballpark Chasing, Pt. 2 - Chase Field

After the 2 games at Wrigley, I figured my next ballpark would be Chase Field in Phoenix, just after the All Star Break. I wanted to find out something about the park first, and that's when I came across Ballpark Chasers. This site has turned out to be an incredible resource!

In 2012, I was at a Tigers game with my dad when he asked me if I was going to try to get to all 30 MLB parks. That's when the idea started to really appeal to me. We had been to a few when I was a kid and I had…


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Summer 2015 Ballpark Chasing

I recently got back from an awesome road trip in which I drove about 7,000 miles total. I visited a lot of friends and family, saw and did some incredible things, and of course, went to a bunch of different ballparks.

Coming into this year, I had seen 8 current MLB parks and no current minor league ones, plus 4 defunct MLB parks and 1 defunct MiLB park. On my trip I saw a total of 11 games in 10 different parks - 8 MLB, 2 MiLB. Of these, 5 of the MLB parks were new to me and both MiLB…


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Any advice for a destination plan?

So I have seen now six ball parks where my beloved Redsox played in. I am wanting to see though if anyone has advice on what they do to see their games? Do you have certain cities in order? Do you go to certain ballparks due to vicinity or cost? My next stop will be Toronto next year. Then perhaps try to finish off all east coast in NY, Atlanta, Ohio's two, and Tampa bay. Sure would be open to any advice.

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Ballpark 4!

Visited Wrigley (2nd time for me, first for the wife and kids) on Saturday. We sat low in the upper deck, as far right as you can go. Here's my thoughts:

-Sound is not great - could hear all of the players names, but if they played music or other things, I couldn't hear what they were saying.

-New video boards. I have seen the stadium before and after, and I have no problem with them. Since my seats did not have the best sight lines, it was nice to have the boards for a replay of a…


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Texas and Houston Done!

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Ballpark Chasers Weekend - Need a Grill Man!

HI Chasers,

The ballpark chasers weekend is 3 weeks from now, so of course we are making moves to ensure a weekend of fun.

We are looking for an experienced grill person to help us out cook some of the delicious hot dogs and hamburgers we will be doling out. We will kick in a free Manfish brewing T-shirt for your help.

Reply to or

So all of us know that the schedule

Friday - nothing planned, but the select few…


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Baseball Hall of Fame

I've never been to the Baseball Hall of Fame and was thinking of going. Have any of you been? What did you think? Is induction weekend great or an overpriced madhouse? Is that the time to go or should I go another time? What minor league ballparks nearby did you go to?

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Safety At The Ballpark: Is Expanded Safety Netting Necessary?

Recent injuries at MLB ballparks have renewed discussions of expanded safety netting at the major and minor league level.  Some have suggested netting from dugout to dugout while others have taken it one step further and would like to see netting from foul pole to foul pole.  A class action law suit by an Oakland A's season ticket holder contends that Major League Baseball has been negligent in terms of guaranteeing fan safety and has demanded further safety netting.

Those who…


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Yankee game Wed

Flying into Newark Wednesday and hitting Yankee game Wednesday night as well as Met game Thursday night.

Can anyone advise me on the best course of transportation? Taking train in? Is driving to parks a nightmare? Any help would be appreciated.


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Starting our tour!

Glad to join you all!

My boyfriend and I are starting our stadium tour next weekend. On this trip we will be going to Kansas City, St.Louis, Chicago, Minnesota, and Milwaukee.

I just purchased the MLB Ballpark Passport yesterday and can't wait to get it started!

We both are VERY avid baseball fans and can't wait to get this adventure started!

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My Upcoming Schedule...

Here are the games I have scheduled for the rest of the year, I am sure there will be more, but as of now these are the ones I know of for sure. If you plan to be at any of these, and want to say "HEY!", let me know :)

July 8th - Tigers vs Mariners @ Safeco Field

July 11th - Angels vs Mariners @ Safeco Field

July 23rd - Marlins vs Padres @ Petco Park

July 24th - Marlins vs Padres @ Petco Park

July 25th - Marlins vs Padres @ Petco Park

July 26th - Marlins vs…


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Saturday vist to DC - Pirates vs Nationals!

Just back from visiting my 7th ballpark. This past Saturday was treated to near perfect game! Max Scherzer's no hitter was bitter-sweet. Great seeing a no-hitter, but no against my Pirates. Impressed by the ballbark and what appears to be development in the area surrounding the ballpark. Was fairly easy to get to and from the park despite a sellout game. And the home fans and concession attendants were all very friendly to us out of towners! Overall I great day at the park!


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