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Midwest Road Trip

It's that time of year again. After my very fun and busy Florida road trip last year (20 games in 12 days!), I am scaling it back a bit and only going to 6 games in 5 days. I am leaving on Wednesday and will be going to see the White Sox, Brewers and Cubs and minor league games in Beloit, South Bend and Kane County (Cubs and Kane County will be on the same day). I am also doing a stadium tour of Wrigley on the day my trip ends, since the Cubs will be on the road that day and, according to…


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11 Park Trip

Just got back from an 15 game 11 park trip through the midwest and east coast. Out of the old parks I much preferred Fenway to Wrigley. Out of the new parks I felt Camden Yards was a notch above the rest. The city experience I enjoyed the most was staying in Manhattan and taking the subway to 2 Mets and 2 Yankees games. The park I was most dissapointed in was PNC in Pittsburgh just because of the high expectations I had. The park was great when you were in your seats but the concourses were…


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Press Release is Live!


Ballpark Chasers LLC…


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Man vs. Ballpark Food

In my quest to hit every ballpark, I am also trying to eat the ballpark signature food at each stadium. I've done my homework on most stadiums, gotten some good suggestions from people (Kurt Smith's E-Guides), and ventured out and sampled some. I try to get something different if I go back to a park I have already been to. I am again ask the you the readers to help me out with suggestions on what to get, things you like, or things you have heard to get. 

I have just returned from…


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How I Became a Corporate Sell Out at Miller Park

I guess this is what it feels like to sell out. I vowed I would never let this happen, but it did. I was in the Milwaukee area for work and had the opportunity to attend the Brewers/Mets game from the Dew Deck at Miller Park. And I wore slacks to the ballgame. …


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US Cellular Field review

Well, I'm a White Sox fan, so this may not be an accurate source. But my opinion: The Cell is a charm. Not as friendly as the cross-town rivals' park (so friendly its nickname is "The Friendly Confines"), but the park has a claim to fame: The FUNdamentals Deck. I've been there and I raced the Scott Posednik cutout. I was winning, but he sped up to win, but it was close that contest. Then, I played some video games. Turns out my then-favorite player Alexei Ramirez was at bat in MLB 2K-something.… Continue

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The Starter- Article from the Washington Post

The Washington Post has a great article today that highlights the life of a starting pitcher. Details some of the stuff that happens on the days between starts. It's a great read:

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13 Games in 11 Stadiums

Leaving July 26 for Midwest/East Coast swing. Starting with 2 games at Wrigley then Great American > Comerica > Progressive Field > Fenway > Citi Field > Yankee Stadium > Citizens Bank Park > Nationals Park > Camden Yards (2 games) > PNC Park. I am taking my 16 year old son and his buddy. It should be a great trip.

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Our 2014 SoCal Baseball Trip

We just returned from a family trip to Southern California that included visits to Disneyland, Hollywood, Sequoia National Park, the San Diego Zoo and, of course, ballparks!

Angels Stadium

On Tuesday, July 8th, we attended the Angels and Blue Jays game at Angel Stadium. Upon entering at the main gate, the two massive Angels hats are even bigger in person than they look. We loved the fact that there was the MLB…


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What About the Little Guy?

As we prepare to enter the All-Star Break, the table is set once again for the pinnacle exhibition of the mid-season sabbatical for 95% of MLB’s paid performers: The Home Run Derby.

Just as high-speed collisions are to NASCAR spectators, baseball fans love the long ball. While the format of this statistically meaningless display of baseball’s feats of strength continues to evolve, it continues to entertain the masses through psychological bliss that parallels that of weekend duck…


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My Take on Wrigley Field

A few years back I created a sports "bucket list" (and for me there are a lot of things I want to do before I "sign off" on this Earth), and while I did not list by "priority" without question if I did, going to Wrigley Field is at the top or near the top of my bucket list.  

I think anybody who saw the Cubs on WGN as a kid would remember the scenes of that park, whether it was seeing the ivy-covered wall, the manual scoreboard, panning the front of the park with the famed…


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North Carolina

Great NC trip last week. Lucking out on weather and scheduling, caught 10 games in 7 days - every minor league team in the state (plus Danville, VA, right over the border).  Charlotte's new stadium is top-10, Hickory, Winston-Salem, Greensboro and Durham parks are all top rate, and the others are all terrific and enjoyable places to watch a ballgame.

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Handheld Ballparks: The Electronic Baseball Game Experience

If you are anything like me and of a certain age, you probably owned or played several of the various handheld electronic baseball games that were sold in the late 1970s and throughout the 1990s.  There was always something terribly appealing about holding a ballpark in your hands -…


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My Take on US Cellular Field

My summer trip this year took me to the Windy City.  Strangely, I was going to see the Cubs only as I found some nice ticket prices on  It wasn't until my family asked "if you're going to see the Cubs, why don't you see the White Sox too?"  Well, that made a whole lot of sense!  So I realized we were in Chicago as the White Sox were in town and chose to take in a Sunday afternoon game so I was able to mark two ballparks off my list.  Of course, I was excited as can be.  So…


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My Ballpark Map

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The Lost Art of Pitching Inside

"The trick against Drysdale is to hit him before he hits you."  - Orlando Cepeda

Whatever happened to the brush back pitch? The days of “dusting a player off” are long gone and it makes me mad.  Gone are the days of Bob Gibson, Don Drysdale, and Sandy Koufax.  Very few pitchers today throw inside. And it’s obvious.  It’s a lost art and batters are taking advantage. 

The “brush back”  is a pitch thrown high and inside, usually a fastball, to force the  batter away from the…


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Yankees/Tampa Bay Tickets


I will not be able to attend this game as planned, so I have 2 Yankee/Tampa Bay tickets for sale for face value plus handling and shipping, which is $175 for both. These tickets are in the Jim Beam Suite-- Row 1, seats 7 and 8 and the date is Wednesday, July 2nd and is a 1 p.m. game.

If interested, please message me. …


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