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Big Apple Baseball

My wife & I took our annual trip to a city with a baseball stadium. And for the 2nd straight year, we went to two stadiums. It was Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium. Leading up to the trip, I was told that Yankee Stadium was the gem of all gems while Shea was the MLB dump.

After watching games at both stadiums, I can say that I was disappointed with one and surprised with the other.

For Yankee Stadium, I thought it was an okay place to watch a game. It was nothing like I… Continue

Added by Tim on July 29, 2008 at 10:52am — 10 Comments

Thirty in 26 Success!

The real bulk of the driving was completed before I joined the trip in Baltimore. However, I believe the most difficult days still remained. Going from Philadelphia to DC in between 4pm and 7pm on a Thursday, and going from Chicago to Milwaukee between 4pm and 7pm on a Friday, with an overnight drive in between. Now that was going to be the most difficult stretch. 26 days was the new goal, and we were determined.

We left our hotel near the stadium in Philadelphia and headed… Continue

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This Week in Baseball thought they could get a whole segment out of following us around today. We went to both Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium, watching the day game in the Bronx, and cutting accross town to see the Mets at night. With the entire trip almost completed, and Josh about to set this 'unofficial' record, TWIB wanted to tag along and see how we/he did it.

Basically, TWIB followed us around during our day in NYC, interviewing Josh, Eric, and me. They even took the… Continue

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St. Louis to Boston

Thirty27 finally got some well-deserved recognition on July 4th as the St. Louis Cardinals were nice enough to take Josh and Su onto the field for batting practice (right). While this was a great moment of the trip, it was also just a little forshadowing of what would occur in NY in a few days.

Following the game in St. Louis, the Thirty27 team headed to Cincinnati, where Josh was interviewed for local television. Luckily, Josh has good interviewee skills, so he actually… Continue

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Stadium "Superlatives"

Since we all have the passion for going to baseball stadiums all over this great country, it got me thinking a little bit: When we signed up one question was, what is your favorite stadium?

How about what is your LEAST favorite stadium that you've been to? What stadium has the best food? What stadium surprised you the most (like you thought it was going to be a dump, but it wasn't too bad)? What stadium disappointed you the most? What stadium would you go back to again (not the… Continue

Added by Tim on July 8, 2008 at 12:29pm — 16 Comments

East Coast Swing Begins

Random Thirty27 notes....

--*--There have been 18 games so far. There have been two massive rain delays in those 18 games.

--*--There have also been 4 extra inning games already.

--*--Josh has witnessed 7 sunrises.

--*--The trip has already logged over 10,000 miles on the rental Pontiac.

--*--Josh has now eaten 91 stadium pretzels, pushing his average to over 5 per game.

--*--Suganya has had 36 coffees, lots of cream, lots of sugar, lots of… Continue

Added by Thirty26(42) on July 3, 2008 at 3:30pm — 1 Comment

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