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My Breakdown of the 2011 ball season so far

Okay, we are about 20 games into the ball season and I have a few observations. The number one thing is that it is too early to win a division-but it can also be too late if you get off to a bad start.


The Yankees are looking sharp at 12-6 despite CC only having one win so far, and less then stellar starts by Brett Gardner and Derek Jeter. The teams power is carrying the club right now and it is just a matter of time before they take off. I believer A.J Burnett is going… Continue

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Hitting All 30 - A Lifelong Journey!

I began my quest to see a game in all MLB ballparks at an easrly age, going with the Cub Scouts to Municipal Stadium in Cleveland at Age 8. Next ballpark was Yankee Stadium in 1961 with my grandfather-bore witness to one of the greatest teams in baseball history. I lived near MLB franchises in DC (grew up with the Senators), Baltimore and Philly. Family came along and my son, friends and myself would see games in 2 to 3 stadiums in different cities that made geograhic sense while doing it as…


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MLB recognition

At the request of Craig (our founder and fearless leader) I'm providing a little more detail on the feedback we got from MLB upon completing the "Quest for All 30".

I first contacted MLB (Public Relations Office - NYC) in January, gave them the backgrund and asked if they would be willing to send letters of recognition to my son's (Ian now 17 and Evin now 16) for having reached this "milestone" at such an early age. They were pretty encouraging but did ask that I follow up with an…


Added by Scott Bell (30/42) on April 22, 2011 at 6:53pm — 6 Comments

Ballpark Food Safety Violations

Have any Chasers seen this article? I wish I never had because now I will think about it every time I go to the ballpark. How did your local ballpark fare? Yankee Stadium had 32 critical violations including filth flies! Gross!


FOUL BALLS: Ranking The Worst Food Safety Violations At Major League Baseball Stadiums

Read the article…


Added by Jack (6) on April 20, 2011 at 9:44pm — 2 Comments

Ranking our top 27 ballparks

I guess collecting ballparks goes hand-in-hand with list making so I couldn't help but rank-order the 27 ballparks we have visited the last four years. In the process of making the list, I discovered the attribute most important to me was the stadium setting. I placed a higher value on the surrounding neighborhood, view from the ballpark, and being able to step back and enjoy the outside look of the ballpark itself. I left off the 3 ballparks we haven't visited yet (Tampa, Florida, and…


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Red, White & Blue Steak Sandwich

This has to be the worst name ever for a sandwich, right? Honestly, if I didn't know what it was, I wouldn't give it a second look. But after reading about it, I cannot wait to try one! Created by Food Network chefs, the Red, White & Blue steak sandwich comes toped with "Maytag" blue cheese and sweet and spicy Peppadew-pepper mayonnaise, served on a French demi baguette. Although I can't say I have heard of those toppings, they do sound really good! Before you get too excited,…


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Baltimore, MD (April 4, 2011) - 2011 Orioles Opening Day

Sofia just turned two a couple of months ago and today she attended to her first MLB Opening Day.

I knew this Opening Day experience was going to be unique. The weather in DC has finally started to warm up after some crazy spring snow fell last week. Sofia has been begging to go the park every day. This morning I asked her if she meant to say the baseball park and in she confirmed in spanish that yes she wanted to visit the baseball park: "parque...parque de beisbol!" (We are really… Continue

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Here is the Master Schedule for all doable doubleheaders. I gave the best available method to arrive at each part and have included the airplane flights with times and price. This will give you a shot to make first and last pitch-meaning I would put them in any record chase. Message me if you need further info



7 CLE BAL 12:05 7:05 FLIGHT


10 NYM BOS 1:05 8:05 FLIGHT

FLIGHT… Continue

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Wild Ballpark Trips

I once watched 8 baseball games in four days. I had to get some help from the minor leagues, but here's how it went:

Day 1: (Doubleheader) Altoona Curve-Blair County Ballpark (7/21/2008): This was "Please Come to Altoona, Will Ferrell" Night. He didn't show up.

Day 2: Cincinnati Reds-Great American Ballpark (7/22/2008): Padres Vs. Reds

Day 3: DAY GAME-Cincinnati Reds-Great American Ballpark (7/23/2008): Greg Maddox pitched for the Padres. He was taken out of the game, and… Continue

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Fan Cave Winners

hey everyone,

i have been talking with the winners at http://mlbfancave.mlb.com/fancave O' hara and Ryan Wagner. These guys will tweet with you at twitter and are good guys. They have great knowledge of the game and are worthy winners of the dream job. Lets extend a big welcome to them, and show them our baseball acumen back from the people here at ballpark chasers. Get them at twitter. mikeyoh21, and rwags614

at facebook,… Continue

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Washington, DC (March 31, 2011) - Washington Nationals Opening Day: Braves vs. Nationals

The 2011 MLB Opening Day finally arrived, but the Washington, DC weather did not get the memo. The day started off with sprinkles and turned into a balmy 41 degrees.  Sofia was looking forward to a little baseball, but because of a cold and an un-cooperating mother nature, her Opening Day will be delayed.  But the 30 Ballparks and a Baby family was not shutout. Dad weathered…


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Red Sox Tickets For Charity

Latest tip on the Ballpark E-Guides Blog:


Ballpark E-Guides makes every effort to give you any information you could use for going to a ballgame. Some ballparks present different challenges than others. At Yankee Stadium the challenge is to leave the game with a few bucks left in your wallet. At Citizens Bank Park you should know the differences between all of the cheesesteak options. And at Fenway the biggest problem to be solved is simply how to get into the…


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